Episode 8 – Exploring the Best and Worst of TV Series

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Ever wondered how we’ve become the older generation discussing shows like Doctor Who, or pondered how rumors can shape a series’ continuity? Well, that’s exactly what we explore today. We address the talk of town – the rumor about Russell T Davis erasing Jodie Whitaker’s era from Doctor Who. Is it too soon for her return? Does she even want to come back? Let’s take a trip down the memory lane of Doctor Who’s past, present, and future.

But that’s not all. We pivot into the fascinating universe of television series, contrasting the storytelling techniques between British and American shows. Using Game of Thrones as our guiding star, we examine how certain shows might have soared higher by sticking to their unique narrative boundaries. We also take a detour into the realm of sequels, questioning their necessity using the show, Mars, as a case study.

Finally, we delve into the contentious issue of continuity within TV series, using examples like Heroes and the recent Ted Lasso series. Ever felt frustrated when your favorite series ends prematurely? We certainly do! We discuss this, along with the redeeming role of streaming services, and the consequential impact on series continuity. We draw our discussion to a close by inviting you to share your thoughts on the best and worst series finales, and challenge you to name that one ‘perfect’ TV series that couldn’t possibly be improved. Join us on this journey through the captivating world of fandom.

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One thought on “Episode 8 – Exploring the Best and Worst of TV Series

  1. SIGH. I found “how rumors can shape a series’ continuity” to be an interesting topic, but then your take on The Witcher was *literally* nothing but rumors! No, greedy and lazy creators didn’t subvert the original material. You can compare the books to the show, finding identical quotes and countless thematic parallels. (It is complicated, because the books and show are complicated.) I still don’t remember hearing anything other than rumors saying Cavill left because “it wasn’t true to the source material.” Considering the cast and crew seemed extremely well-versed in the books, I don’t know why he alone would be the authority on that.

    A few who complained about not being true to the source were correct (they conflated characters and moved some things around, which makes sense for a TV show, even filled out some things that were just mentioned in the books, and sure like any show changed a few things). Most are either lying, thinking of the GAMES (which the show has NEVER been based on), read only parts of the series (so they didn’t even know some of the things in the show DID happen in the books, you just find it out later as a reader), or don’t understand or remember them lol.

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