Episode 9 – Unveiling the World of Dungeons & Dragons: A Nostalgic Deep-Dive in Fandom

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Ready to unravel some mysteries? This episode offers a fascinating journey through the realms of Doctor Who and Dungeons & Dragons. We’re getting nostalgic, celebrating 11 years of Journeys in Fandom Podcast and all the monumental changes since then. As we gear up for the return of Russell T Davis, let’s delve into the enigmatic Doctor Who numbering system, the unseen theme tune, and the recent trailer. We’ve got some exciting dates lined up for the filming and release of the new series, so grab your calendar and a cuppa!

Wanted to dive into the world of dragons and dungeons but never knew where to start? Now’s your chance! We’re talking the evolution of D&D, our favorite characters (like the Middle Earth Barbie-esque adventurer, Mira), and the hilarious turns our games often take. Discussing the impact of playing online versus face-to-face, we’ll dive deep into the styles that make or break a campaign, the importance of session zero, and how to handle the inevitable problem player.

Finally, we’re stirring the pot with some meaty debates. We’ll unpack the recent proposed update to the Open Gaming License for third-party D&D content, and the potential implications for content creators. Then, hang on to your hats as we debate character customization down to the last detail (yes, even genitalia)! This episode is a rollercoaster of nostalgia, gaming, and intense discussions – we promise it’s a ride you won’t want to miss!

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