Episode 7 – Navigating the Modern World of Fandom: Doctor Who and Beyond

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Hey there, fellow Whovians! Imagine this – you’re at a convention, surrounded by die-hard fans, and someone quizzes you about the Doctor’s latest screwdriver. Do you feel the pressure to know it all? Join us in this podcast as we discuss the challenges and stereotypes associated with being a hardcore fan. We’ll also be bringing you the latest updates from Doctor Who, including the 14th Doctor’s new screwdriver and potential guest stars for the upcoming 60th special. And hey, we’re even toying with the idea of a watch party – a thrilling concept that could unite us all!

But let’s not stop there. Ever wonder how the digital age has altered your fandom experience? We explore the sea of change in fandom interactions due to social media and how it can be a double-edged sword – connecting fans globally, yet stirring up unprecedented levels of drama and toxicity. We’ll also discuss how technology has revolutionized the way we document our experiences, and the rise (and impact) of platforms like YouTube in fandom canon. 

And speaking of conventions, have you noticed how they’ve evolved over time? We take a deep look at how fan conventions have transformed from humble photo shoots to production lines, and the increasing costs that come with it. We also discuss the shift from VHS, CDs, DVDs to streaming and the quality of 4K discs. Lastly, we delve into the collective attitudes on social media, which can sometimes promote hostility and a disdain for what we love. Join us as we navigate the fascinating world of fandom, warts and all.

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